Monday, 17 November 2014

Remarkable: A video of Lutz Heck's cattle from the 1940s

I was very surprised when I saw that there is actually video footage of the early Heck cattle - particularly interesting: it shows a herd of Lutz Heck's diminished cattle, which where introduced and kept like red deer in the Rominter Heide in former East Prussia, today Russia and Poland. It must be from the 1940s because the cattle didn't arrive there prior to to 1940. 
To a very large extent, those cattle are a combination of Lidia, Corsican and Camargue. They actually look like just another southern-european medium-aurochs like breed. They were very small as well, among other deficient aspects.


  1. Hey Daniel,

    see you feature this video,. Surprisingly, the Heck cattle are only visible for just a few seconds.

    According to this article (and others) the animals were released in 1938.

  2. Hi

    they are visible for just a moment, but they look like the most heckcattle thisdays. They are smal, short horns, no hump.
    The first time i saw "auerochsen" was in Tripsdrill (1984), and i wonder they are so small and look like a small dark cow. They looked like the animals in the video.
    Since 1984 is a long time for man, but a schort time for breeding back auerochsen. But the breeders did a great work, look at island of Wörth. There are some bulls and cows, I want to have them, they are great.
    It is possible to breed the Auerochs "back", i believe. The breeders have so much good animals now, in just a few generations ( may be 3 or 4). Using heckcattle and then 2 generations of old south-europian races.

    mfg Hans