Friday, 16 April 2021

Articles on the aurochs and the European wild horse

About a month ago, I was invited to write some guest articles for the website, a website on recently extinct animals. I wrote an article on the aurochs, and one for the European wild horse (which I do not call "tarpan"). 
Here are the articles: 

With the articles I intended to do a comprehensive summary on what we know about these two animals. Long-term readers of my blog will be familiar with the knowledge presented in the articles. 

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  1. If the European wild horse was either bay, bay dun, black or black dun why the obsession with horses showing ‘primitive’ markings on dun as seen in the Konik, Sorraia, Dulmen and preferred colouration of the Hucul? Surely bay and black horses are equally important and the term ‘primitive’ should be updated?
    Congratulations on a very informative website.