Tuesday, 8 June 2021

New second-generation Auerrind calf born

Claus Kropp recently announced on Facebook that a new second-generation calf of the Auerrind project was born. It is of the combination (Sayaguesa x Watussi) x (Sayaguesa x Chianina), the - in my opinion - most promising combination of the project. It is a bull calf. 
Now the herd of the Sayaguesa x Chianina, pure Chianina and Sayaguesa x Grey cattle is being covered by the Maremmana x Sayaguesa bull Benito. 
Personally, I would have given Alvarez (the Sayaguesa x Watussi bull) several seasons to cover the Sayaguesa x Chianina cows, to produce more than just three of this combination. The larger the numbers, the larger the probability that there are calves that inherited the desired traits in the right combination (f.e. the large body size of Chianina in combination with the horn volume from Watussi and so on). But let's see how the three calves of this season will develop. 


  1. Here is an interesting article: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2280203-cattle-that-spend-more-time-around-humans-have-smaller-brains/

    1. Really interesting article! a decrease in encephalization of 25.6% is so huge… if + 25% in encephalization is what nature requires to have a sustainable wild cattle population, this means that back breeding programs have to work on this character really strongly if the aim is to recreate a population able to adapt to the different wild life’s problems. if this study is correct, the presence of a bit of bullfighting or chillingham, whitepark, highland cattle blood should now become obligatory for a serious backbreeding program.