Monday, 17 February 2014

Teaser: Origin of the dog

I didn't write much last week because I am preparing an extensive article on the origin of the domestic dog. In that article I am going to sum up the arguments pro and contra the conventional "wolf hypothesis" and an alternative hypothesis and I think these provide a refreshingly new perspective on the identity of our pet dogs. Be patient, I'll finish it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. 



  2. Hi there, good to know about this new subject! eh eh I cant wait to read it :)

    1. Hi, thanks! It is all thanks to you because you pointed it out to me ;-).

    2. You are welcome, it's a fascinating subject as few others are and i am absolutely sure that your article will create a lot of waw expressions in many people and this is a passion for both of us! Good to know that we can expand peoples knowledge and perspectives.
      Best regards my friend and hurry up for God sake I can't wait to read it... eh eh