Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Video of the feral cattle on New Zealand

New Zealand has a population of cattle that have been living feral there since the 1920s, descending from ordinary farm cattle. They are another example of how the body shape and proportions of cattle get changed by the environment and natural selection, creating an optical resemblance to the aurochs - let alone their ability to survive hindrances such as diseases, weather, injuries and of course the display of their natural instincts. Those cattle's proportions and body conformation strongly reminds me of Lidia, and therefore resembles the aurochs. Some of them also have aurochs-like coat colours. Their horns are not special though. 
Here I found a video on the hunting of these cattle. If you can put up with the portrayal of the perverted joy and pride about needless cruelty against animals, you' probably enjoy the shots of these free-ranging feral cattle. 


  1. The guy who posted the video confidently declares, "It takes only a maximum of seven generation for an animal to go back to its original wild state."
    If only that were true!!!

    1. Depends on what "original wild state" is meant to mean, if he is talking about behaviour and in cattle than he is basically right I would say.