Saturday, 12 July 2014

Genealogy of some Lippeaue cattle

This is the last post of this little Taurus cattle series, I promise. Using an extremely helpful list I was given when I visited the Lippeaue plus what I already, I made a genealogical table of a very small portion of the Taurus cattle currently (or, summer 2013) used there. This table might be updated if I made any wrong assumptions. 

Photos of
Eloisia, Lancelot, Lucio, Luca and Ludovica: © ABU 
Churro: © Peter von Burg (Check out his cool archive!)

All the other photos were taken by myself.

As you see, all crosses in this selection descend from one Heck bull and one Chianina cow, while there are three Sayaguesa. Don't worry, there are of course a lot more founding individuals, particularly Heck cows I assume.  


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