Friday, 19 December 2014

Geer vanne Smeed's Photos

In a number of posts I used Geer vanne Smeed's photos (visit his blog at of Dutch Tauros and Heck cattle, and forgot to give him credits - so I make good for that now. For an overview of his blogposts on the Tauros herd and neighbouring Heck cattle at Kempen~Broek go here: and for the flickR stream here:
Quite frankly I am jealous that I don't live there and can't visit those cattle to take such good photos as often. 

I used his photos in the following posts:

I have to thank Geer vanne Smeed for being the only person who provides us with an extensive collection of qualitative photos of the Tauros cattle, as the project itself does not have the time for that. Also, thanks to him I know photos of the so-called "Ecolanders" (what a shitty name), which are Heck cattle with recent Highland-influx. More on those on a later post. 

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  1. Thanks for the compliment Daniel. Because my blog is in Dutch, there is the possibility to translate it (not the best translation, but better than nothing). Click at "selecteer een taal" and look for your language.
    Have a nice time at my blog and at the flickr streaming.

    Geer vanne Smeed.