Sunday, 8 March 2015

Newborn calves at Faia Brava, Portugal

Faia Brava is a reserve in Portugal that houses one of the two Iberian Tauros cattle herds. So far, this herd is composed of rather nice-looking Maronesa cows and two Sayaguesa bulls that have been added last year. Now, a few newborn calves have been spotted. It is unclear whether the Sayaguesa bulls are the fathers of the new Tauros cattle yet. 
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The Maronesa cows have a good build and the horns are ok as well, but their colour is pretty dark. I think that they will have to add a breed that contributes a more definite sexual dichromatism in the future, and they might also need more horn thickness. I don't know how large the bulls and cows are, but I estimate the cross bulls might reach a size of 150 cm or so, but this is just a wild guess.

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