Monday, 6 April 2015

Two new nice videos of Taurus cattle from the Lippeaue

The Lippeaue, which is the centre of Taurus cattle breeding in Germany  probably has the best animals of this breed. I covered them in a lot of other posts already (see here, for example).
Now, a worker of the ABU has published some more videos of their cattle and I hope you enjoy them.

This video shows a small group of cows and their offspring crossing a stream. They are just as elegant as good Limia or Pajuna, their colour is alright and also the head shape. I really like what I see. Just the horns should be better, perhaps this is going to change when the genes of the recently purchased Wörth cow will be spread through the population. The grey one is, of course, a pure Chianina.
This cow is 65% Chianina and one of their largest animals - I think her size is really impressing, and also her horns - albeit small - grew well.
That's a (Heck x Chianina) x Sayaguesa bull. Although its body shape could be better, he looks elegant and its size seems to be good as well.

I am looking forward to visit this herd again. Those Taurus cattle do the best job in improving the whole Heck cattle population in Germany.


  1. Wow, that 65% Chianina cow is very impressive! What is the other 35%?

    1. Larissa is 50% pure Chianina + (Heck x Chianina) x Sayaguesa. Her father was a nice and large bull that unfortunately broke into the ice at young age.
      Larissa is very impressive indeed, unless I am wrong her herd should now be covered by Lamarck and previously another bull of the same combination as him. I'm very looking forward to see what her offspring will look like.

  2. What impresses me most is the (Heck x Chianina) x Sayaguesa bull looks as though he has good size horns. Larger than what I would expect from the Chianina and Sayaguesa in his heritage.

    1. I noticed that too. It's siblings are comparably large-horned as well, perhaps because its Sayaguesa father was well-horned by Sayaguesa standards.