Thursday, 20 August 2015

Another video on the Quagga Project

ABC News made a short reportage on "De-extinction" of extinct species, focusing mainly on the quagga from 0:58 onwards. I think that most of my long-term readers will be familiar with the information provided, but there are nice shots of the Rau zebras. Should I ever be to South Africa, my goal would be certainly to visit one of the QP herds. 
By the way, I really agree with what Dr. Robert Fleischer (geneticist, one of the autors of "A rapid loss of stripes: the evolutionary history of the extinct quagga) says in the video about the extinct-ness of the quagga, for reasons I outlined in previous posts (see here). However, I am not agreeing with the "we can do it but should we do it?" quote.

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