Tuesday, 22 September 2015

A quagga herd

During the last weeks, my motivation for writing was not that high. But instead, my spent some time doing my artistic activities. Dinosaur models and drawings, which are not quite of interest for that blog, but also some others. Today I want to share a little illustration of a quagga herd in their native environment somewhere in South Africa. 
I rarely do life scenaries because I prefer to do my rather technical drawings, therefore the results are not very elaborated. So mostly I leave it to those who are better at it. But this time I tried it again, also because I feel that the quagga is rarely illustrated as a herd animal in its natural enviroment. The coat pattern of these individuals is based on the 23 preserved skins.

A more precise illustration of the coat pattern variation in the quagga population is going to come soon.

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