Wednesday, 7 October 2015

News from Lauresham

The first breeding site of the Uruz Project to be set up was Kloster Lorsch, Hessen, Germany. It is run by the Freilichtlabor Lauresham and the Förderkreis Große Pflanzenfresser im Kreis Bergstraße e.V., composed of a herd of very useful Chianina cows plus a young Watussi bull that had died in winter 14/15, delaying the project.
Recently both the groups mentioned plus Felix Hohmeyer (cooperating with them) quitted the cooperation with the True Nature Foundation and the Uruz Project. Therefore the herds at Lorsch and Bielefeld are not part of the UP anymore, therefore the Freilichtlabor and the Förderkreis Große Pflanzenfresser are doing breeding-back on their own now.
The herd at Lorsch currently consists of Chianina cows only, but they got a new young Watussi bull that is kept somewhere else until he is old enough (you might wonder why they don't by an adult one in the first place, the reason is that there was none available). The herd at Bielefeld currently consists, as planned, of a number of Watussi cows from Brüggen (NRW), plus the young Chianina bull "Bruno", a son of the cows from Lorsch.
Young Chianina bull plus a Watussi cow at Bielefeld. Kindly provided by Claus Kropp.
They are pretty sure the bull covered the cow already, so that we can finally expect a first-generation cross animal for 2016. At first glimpse looks "small", but keep in mind that he is only 1 1/5 years old and therefore he is quite large for his age. Furthermore, he is the son of the largest cow at Lorsch (165cm), therefore Claus Kropp is confident that he will get really tall.

A new herd in Einhausen is planned to be set up for this year. They want to keep with the original idea of creating to breed lines consisting of Chianina x Watussi plus Sayaguesa x Hungarian Grey/Maremmana. I don't know which one the new herd is going to be part of.

They have created a breeding book plus a photo gallery to document the identity of the animals. It is not sure whether the photo gallery and breeding book will become online or not.
This is a thing the Tauros Project missed, leading to a situation where the responsible people sometimes don't know the identity of some of their animals themselves, as far as we "outsiders" know.


  1. What does it remain of the uruz project? Do they have any active breeding herd? What about they claimed project in Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain?
    Thank you for the news!

    1. I don't know what is going on now in the Uruz Project, unfortunately.

  2. Wasn´t there a herd of Chianina cows to be brought to Romania (Information over FB)? And i remember they got Watussi from Amersfoort? Are they bred to a Chianina bull yet?
    Might be interesting to hear news about the second uruz string (Sayaguesa x Maremanna or otherway round).