Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Londo as an aurochs

There is an experience that I had made several times already; when I look at an individual and think "well, it does look quite aurochs-like", but when I visualize it in direct comparison with what an aurochs would look like, some noticeable differences become evident. That was the case when I attempted another aurochs reconstruction by manipulating a photo of Londo, a Taurus bull introduced here. Londo is the son of Lamarck, one of the best Taurus bulls to date, and does not look that bad (photo courtesy of Margret Bunzel-Drüke): 
I used this photo and increased the leg length until aurochs-like proportions are reached, changed the body shape to a slender-waisted one as in other wild bovines, and created the shoulder hump the aurochs had. Subsequently, I replaced Londo's head with that of 01 856, which I slightly edited. Then, I painted aurochs-like horns. I think the result is pretty accurate.
And now, see how much Londo actually differs from what we think a bull aurochs looked like (plus the size difference, which is not visible on this pic): 

This fact inspired me to do some sketches using photos of aurochs-like cattle showing what an aurochs in the same stance and position would look like. I did not have the time for that yet, but it is about to come. 


  1. A very useful comparison! Comparing Londo to a Heck bull the same age, it is obvious that the current attempts at breeding back has a much better base than the Heck brothers attempt back then. Considering the brothers spent 15 years achieving what they considered a success, it will be interesting to see what the current breeding programs can produce in the same time.

    Petter Bøckman

    1. As a funny coincidence, I am preparing an article on the Heck brother's work at the moment. Might be published today or tomorrow.