Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New website and name for the Lorsch-Bielefeld project

Originally, the breeding sites at Kloster Lorsch and Bielefeld were part of the Uruz Project until a split last year. Now it is a project on its own run by the Freilichtlabor Lauresham and Förderkreis Große Pflanzenfresser Kreis Bergstraße (Kloster Lorsch) and Landschaftspflegebetrieb Hohmeyer (Bielefeld), and they still follow the plan of two-line breeding (Chianina x Watussi, Sayaguesa x Hungarian Grey/Maremmana). They are also thinking about experimenting with other combinations of these five breeds. A third herd is planned. 

The project has its own name now, Auerrindprojekt. Auerrind in German means basically the same as aurochs (Auer-ochse), just with "cattle" (-rind) instead of "ochs" as a suffix. Auerrind is not used as frequently as Auerochse, but it exists. 
The project also has a new website, in German: They are working on other language versions as well. 

This website includes a news section where they will regularly inform on the progress of the project, monitoring, introduction of individual animals and breeding sites, also with pictures. They started a herd book, so that the relationships of each animal to each other is documented right from the beginning.  

As I reported in the post linked above, the young Chianina bull "Bruno" covered at least one Watussi cow at Bielefeld last year, what means that we can expect the first Chianina x Watussi crosses to be born this year. 

Last week, two Maremmana cows arrived at Lorsch. The import of three Sayaguesa cows plus one young bull from the Netherlands is in progress. The Chianina herd at Lorsch is also going to receive a new young Watussi bull this year. 

So the Auerrindprojekt is really getting going, I am so much looking forward to see the first cross results. Sayaguesa x Maremmana/Grey might resemble some Tauros and Taurus crosses, while the appearance of a Chianina x Watussi combination is something that I am really curious on. 


  1. Thank you for keeping tabs on things! I wish the Auerrind prject had an English version of their website.

    Petter Bøckman

    1. I was told that an English version is about to come.