Friday, 22 July 2016

Daniel Brühl to play Lutz Heck in a 2017 film

German actor Daniel Brühl is to play Lutz Heck in a war drama film scheduled to be released next year. 
The film, directed by Nici Caro, is named "The Zookeper's Wife" and covers the story of Dr. Jan Żabiński, director of the Warsaw zoo and his wife Antonia, who saved many lives during the German occupation of Poland (see here). Apparently, Lutz Heck's character is to be in this movie too. 

Daniel Brühl recently appeared in movies like Captain America: Civil War (2016), or Rush (2013), where he stars as the Austrian Forumula 1 driver Niki Lauda. 

I guess Lutz Heck never thought that his person is going to appear in a British-American movie production, neither did I. I am looking forward to see Brühl as Heck, since his portrayal of Lauda on screen was awesomely authentic; and maybe one or two times the aurochs might be mentioned as well. 

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