Wednesday, 26 October 2016

News from the Auerrindprojekt

After the depressing news of Johnny's death in August, there are some good news of the Auerrind Project again.
Domka, one of the three Hungarian Steppe cows of the project, is highly pregnant from Johnny the young Sayaguesa bull. This calf will be the first one of this combination in breeding back (and perhaps world wide) and I am curious on its looks. In sum, it will probably resemble some Taurus and Tauros cows a lot, but it will be interesting to see the amount of dilution in its coat, sexual dichromatism, horn orientation and so on. Of course one individual alone is not representative for the mean average of a certain breed combination.
Pregnant Domka
Currently, the Steppe cows are also grazing with a Cachena x Steppe cross calf. Its father is of Felix Hohmeyer's black Cachena variant and it is not going to be used for the Auerrindprojekt. 
Cachena x Hungarian Steppe
Another interesting photo was recently presented on It shows the breeding bull of Lorsch, Thando, a young Watussi bull. Thando is going to cover the young Sayaguesa and Grey cattle cows and the new photo reveals his impressive horn volume. I am especially looking forward to see the combination of Sayaguesa and Watussi; I think that a 25% Watussi and 75% Sayaguesa or a good "true F2" has the potential to look very impressive already. The winter coat would probably be sufficient, but might need a boost by Grey cattle genes subsequent generations. 
Thando, the young Watussi bull at Lorsch


  1. Why is the cross calf not going to be used? Are cachena's just generally considered bad for the project?

    1. It seems that Cachena is not considered for the project, and I would not consider that breed either.

  2. The young Watussi bull looks impressive! He looks very athletic with decent legs.

    Petter Bøckman

    1. I'm sure he is going to produce some cool results with Sayaguesa. :-)

    2. Daniel I', trying to get in contact with you. I'm working privately on breeding auroch type cattle in the United States. Please email me at at your earliest convenience.