Friday, 23 March 2018

Two more calves for the Auerrindprojekt

Two more calves for the Auerrind project have been born. They were born by two Chianina cows (one of them is La Nova with a withers height of 165cm) and the father is Leo, one of the two Sayaguesa bulls of the project. So the calves are Sayaguesa x Chianina, a combination that has already produced a number of interesting animals in the Lippeaue (see here or here). One calf is male and the other one female. Therefore, theoretically, F2 of this interesting and promising combination are possible in about three years. The genetic basis would be comparably narrow as it would be the result of the mating of halfblood-siblings, but as the parental generation is composed of two non-related breeds, the genetic basis should be or at least might be broader than between two randomly selected average Frisians or Fleckvieh. And diversity can still be added in later generations. 

A comprehensive report on the current state of the breeding herds of the project is about to come according to Claus Kropp. 

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