Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Guess the pony!

As promised, here's the little game of guessing Exmoors and Koniks only by their body, proportions, head and mane. Those are sketches that only show the contours of the animals, done by tracking out photos of a number of members of both breeds, all of them in their summer coat. 

Which one is an Exmoor, which one a Konik Pony? 

What's the point of this? Mainly to show that the body of Koniks and Exmoors is not that different, and that colour (mealy mouth or dark mouth, grayish colour vs. pangare etc.) makes their aspect more difficult than they really are. However, the Konik's phenotype is more variable and contains both primitive-looking sturdy animals as much as more slender and lightly built horses on average than the Konik does. Therefore, if one wants to choose Koniks as a substitute for the wild horse, I think it is best to chose the right individuals if the picture to be provided is meant to be authentic. However, there is more in this subject than looks of course. 

Coming soon: a portrait of a breed that has not been appreciated on this blog enough yet. You can guess which one I mean if you like.