Friday, 22 November 2013

Coming soon: Taurus bull skulls!

I am the proud owner of two beautifully aurochs-like skull bones of nice Taurus bulls since yesterday. I'll post a lot of photos from all possible angles and measurements here.
I also know photos of the two living bulls in flesh. This enables me to do direct comparisons by overlaying photos, and consequently, after evaluating the differences in proportions between the Taurus skull and aurochs skulls, to transfer these proportional differences on the photo of the living bull and therefore doing a lively reconstruction what living aurochs skulls might have looked like, based directly on osteological information. This will be probably the most precise skull reconstructions I did so far. 
A little book review on the new aurochs book "The Aurochs: Born to be wild" is also about to come. 
Stay tuned!

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