Monday, 18 November 2013

Some slender cows

I have already mentioned the Taurus cattle herd at Schmidtenhöhe, a little nature reserve in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. The herd includes some usual, "un-improved" Heck cows that I would not use in any breeding-back attempt, some good and slender Taurus cows, a Sayaguesa bull named "Napoleon" as breeding bull, plus their offspring. The video down below, which I already posted here some time ago, shows the herd 4 years ago.

I post it here because I am really struck by the beauty of some of the cows in that video - long-legged, very slender, long snout, shiny reddish to black fur. This is what I imagine wild cattle to look like. If they'd have the horns of good Wörth Heck cattle and a larger shoulder area, they'd almost look perfect. I took some screen shots, all credits of course go to Elke Führer.

Note the dark brown cow at your right...
...and the cow with the saddle at your left

I am also very fond of the Pajuna in this video (below), they have a body just as slender and long-legged, and a more reddish coat. Their skull is, as usual for this breed, longish and aurochs-like as well, better than in the cows above. Unfortunately most Pajuna are rather small, but crossing them with Maremmana or Podolica, like Tauros Project does, will resolve that.

(Again, I would insert the video here, but Blogger does not find it)

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