Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Bad Heck cattle Pt. II

Remember my post on some blatantly un-aurochs-like Heck cattle? Like I wrote, it is not my intention to bash the whole Heck cattle breed or to accuse breeders of having done something wrong. I merely compare the cattle to the archetype they are supposed to resemble. You find a lot of very bed Hecks in zoos, sometimes also on private farms. Here another little collection of Heck cattle that do not resemble and are in my opinion not useful for breeding-back: 

Almost no sexual dimorphism, domestic body, mediocre horns
Rheinauer Wald, Germany
Grayish coat, domestic body, short barely curved horns
Tripsdrill (Münster), Germany
Weakly expressed sexual dimorphism, domestic body, horns too small and wrong shape
Is that a bull or a cow? Sometimes really hard to tell in Heck cattle
Although the leg length and the skull is acceptable,
the sexual dichromatism is too reduced, horns are way too small and wrong-curved

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