Saturday, 28 February 2015

First fifth-generation Rau zebra

A little bit delayed news. It was born on 10th of december 2013. See here.
It has a clear brownish tint, but I am not sure if one could say that it is significantly more prominent than in non-selected plains zebras. What is interesting is that the stripes seem to fuse to a dark brown colour on the upper arms in this individual; I have noticed that in several other Rau zebras as well. 
I think I'm going to draw another prediction of how Rau zebras might look like by 2025, additionally to my first one.


  1. According to their website, that foal was actually born in 2013, instead of 2014. I haven't seen any recent pictures come out of that project. I wish they provided decent updates more regularly.

    1. You are right, typo. Sometimes I am simply to hasty with these short-posts.

  2. There are two project meetings every year. The first one in Feb/March and the second one in Aug/Sep. The first meeting of 2015 is on the 11th of March. They will update the webpage thereafter. You can also join The Quagga Project group on Facebook to get more news and updates.