Saturday, 8 September 2018

New video of the Tauros cattle in Milovice, Czech Republic

The EuropeanWildlife video channel on youtube released a new video of the Tauros herd in Milovice, Czech Republic. Back in 2015, when the herd was released there, the cattle looked like that

This is what they look like now: 
I like the bull. At first glance, when I discovered the thumbnail of the video, I thought it was a Texas longhorn bull. Colour, face and horn shape somehow fit, and the horns are quite large, about the size of that of a Maremmana bull. It was already recognizable when the bull was young that its horns are going to be large because it had massive horn bases. The body is, in my opinion, similar to some Taurus bulls and absolutely OK, and I like the skull shape - it is elongate, with a slightly convex profile and thus quite aurochs-like. It has a faint saddle, but I won't nitpick on that. All in all, the bull reminds me of Taurus bulls except for the "Texan" horn shape. 
The cow at 0:35 has mighty horns as well. It has a silvery tint in its coat colour and white spots on the belly, so I suspect it could be influenced from the Sayaguesa x Tudanca crossbreeds the Tauros Programme has. There is another cow visible in the video, f.e. 5:30, that looks very Sayaguesa-like and is thus quite good in my opinion. 


  1. I think that this bull is perfect for betizuXmaronesa cows.

  2. The horns are impressive, if a little thin. Considering how recent this lineage is, it is impressive work though. If they continue improving like this over the next 2 or 3 generations, we'll have very impressive animals indeed!