Sunday, 3 November 2019

New videos from the Lippeaue

I just found some recent or more or less recent videos taken in the Lippeaue that I want to share here:
The videos shows one of the new breeding bulls (I think at Klostermersch-Nord but I'm not sure), which is half Sayaguesa and half a third generation cross if I am remembering correctly. I think it is an extremely beautiful individual.
Aerial shots from Klostermersch-Süd with Larissa and other cows with a new breeding bull. Just look at how slender and athletic the cows look and move. Larissa is the greyish-coloured cow right at the beginning, she is the biggest cow in the herd with at least 160cm, the young breeding bull is noticeably larger. If the colouring of the individuals was a little more uniform, one could easily believe aurochs are back on this shot. 

I think the Lippeaue really represents the top level of modern breeding-back. I feel like I have to visit the herds once again some time. 


  1. The bull in the first three videos looks pretty good but his back seems to be hanging down very low.

    1. Yes, that's a trait that some Sayaguesa unfortunately have.

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