Monday, 11 November 2019

The Cuxhavener Küstenheiden

The Cuxhavener Küstenheiden in Niedersachsen,Germany, is a Taurus cattle breeding site that has not been covered here in the past, but has some really good animals. They started about 15 years ago with 24 animals, two of them being the cow Lusitania and the bull Lehmann. Both were Sayaguesa x Heck and both were from the Lippeaue. Lehman was used as a breeding bull until recently and was rather slender with long legs. 
You can see the herd in these three videos: 

Video 1 Here you can see Lehmann at 1:48, and 3:35, just see the good body shape of both individuals

In the third video you see them being handled from 34:00 onwards. I think those are very beautiful shots. The colour of the herd is comparably uniform, the horn shapes are OK to very good, and most of the individuals are slender and long-legged. Their colour and their coat that starts to turn into a winter coat are especially beautiful in these foggy autumn shots, with the forest and the grassland in the background. It looks very natural, you can easily believe that these animals are indeed autochthonous wild game also because of their almost uniform appearance. Here you see some more individuals from the herd. Some cows have small white spots on the belly, but the extraordinary slenderness of many of the individuals, the cows in particular, compensates that in any case. 

I would say that right after the Lippeaue, the Cuxhavener Küstenheide is the second-best Taurus cattle breeding site in Germany. 

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