Thursday, 29 May 2014

Some other aurochs-like cattle, Pt. III

Here are some more photos of aurochs-like cattle that were not covered much here yet: 

Serrana negra 


  1. Many fine-looking cattle here that retain the probable coloration of the Aurochs - it seems the extremely muscular athletic body form is going to be more difficult to recreate, no? (No expert here, just an appreciative visitor who enjoys the idea of visually recreating the Aurochs)

  2. Do many of these cattle have the strikingly chestnut-coloured calves seen in the Terrena? (as I'm sure you know, American Bison also have bright chestnut calves, totally different from the dark brown older animals)

    1. The athletic and muscular body of Lidia is probably what the aurochs looked like, other cattle breeds are not that athletic. But that adapts when living under free conditions and under natural selection. There are examples of feral cattle that show that, like the Heck cattle at Oostvaardersplassen or other feral cattle.
      Yes, all calves with a wild-type base colour are chestnut-reddish in colour. They change their colour when maturing, usually getting darker, unless there are dilution modifers that remove pigmentation as adults.