Saturday, 31 May 2014

My aurochs models, finally finished!

Actually, I finished them last week, but this day I finally have the time to post them here. The bull model was sculpted using SuperSculpy firm and FimoSoft (a mix that turned out too soft for me), the cow was done using the former exclusively. 
The models are 19 and 17 cm tall respectively, so scale 1:8,94 to a bull that would be 170 cm tall at the withers. The bull is based on the Braunschweig skeleton (no photo online), although I made the horns a little lower (not intentionally). The horn angle is still within the aurochs' range, but on the lower end. The cow is a mix of the Camebridge and Sassenberg specimen. I payed a lot of attention on replicating the proportions exactly by doing a lot of sketches, measuring, and superimposing photos of the models and the actual skeletons. 
As you can see, the body of the bull is very muscular and defined, just like it is the case in Lidia and male gaurs (and probably also if you shave a bison). My model probably shows what the body of a middle-aged adult bull would look like, an old bull probably would be a little heavier in build. Of course I sculpted the obligate forelocks between the horns, and also gave the facial and neck area curled hair for reasons I'll point out in a future post. I used the heads of Lidia, Sayaguesa and also Maremmana as a template for what the skulls might look like in flesh, but of course did not digress from what the actual skulls implicate. 
The colour of the models is based on the coat colour of the Heck cattle at Hellabrunn, Maronesa, Sayaguesa and aurochs-coloured Lidia. The colour of the horns too, but I also looked at drinking horns that were not severely discoloured. 

Here is a size comparison between an 180 cm human and an aurochs of the size of 180, 170 and 160 cm at the withers, using the bull model: 

This is my first artwork using polymer clay, and some details of the leg posture or the metapodials are not as refined as I wished them to be, but all in all I am very satisfied with the outcome. Honestly, they look very much like I would imagine living aurochs to look like. 

I am thinking about also doing an average Heck bull for comparison, but my next model is going to be a Paraceratherium


  1. Just want to say, I love to see such a careful recreation of these magnificent creatures.

  2. These models are amazing, thanks for sharing!