Saturday, 10 May 2014

Video of Lamarck, the Taurus bull

Lamarck is the awesome Taurus bull at Hellinghauser Mersch, Lippeaue, that I saw about one and a half year ago. I think that this bull is the most aurochs-like bull in whole Central Europe - almost all of his features are superb. So I was quite happy when I found this video a few days ago: 

EDIT: The video was removed due to negative reactions. 


  1. this is clearly the butcher's way of loading an animal,
    yep, with white matadero-boots and proddingsticks all inclusive....

    1. It's hard to do it differently with such large, free-ranging cattle.

  2. there ARE other ways Daniel, really....

    1. I don't have experience in handling cattle, which are these other ways?

  3. you can use portable fences to put up a catching crale or corral
    in which you can stressfree conduct an animal into the transportvehicle
    it is used worldwide to catch real wild animals or feral animals like mustangs
    (let's not consider the stressfull helicopterpooking here)
    for aurochs rebreeds which are still domesticated animals extensif kept,
    a small fencing BOMA is easily put up for this purpose

    pulling an animal likt that into a trailer is really contrary to all animalwelfare considerations

  4. oh yes, in closed off pastures which are continuously used for pasturing cattle
    you can build a small feeding corral (used for feeding suppliments and winterhay f.e.)
    with a lead toward a loading ramp
    this can be used for deworming, vaccinating, selecting, culling etc.
    And if you want to see the real thing, youtube is full of clips on cowboying, gauchoing
    and best of all on handling spanish fighting bulls.
    In spain they really have knowledge in stressless handling, they build ingenious labyrinths of small serial enclosures with gates and doors handled from above
    in which they can easily take apart bull after bull for loading into trucks for their final destination,
    you can think as bullfighting being cruel, but without it an all the knowledge around it, there wouldn't be any close relatives of the real aurochs left !