Friday, 3 January 2014

Building Aurochs models

As those who know my deviantArt page might know, I am an amateur sculptor of extinct animals, predominantly mesozoic dinosaurs. I did not many mammals before, but my next model project are going to be anatomically correct aurochs models of a bull and cow, measuring 20 and 17 cm at the shoulders, respectively. They will be based on the most correct Aurochs reconstructions I did so far, namely that of the Braunschweig bull and that of the putative cow in Camebridge. I did some anatomic corrections though, the feet of the Braunschweig reconstruction were too narrow for example. I constantly checked the accuracy of the drawings by superimposing the original skeleton with GIMP on the drawing, so proportions, hump size, skull shape, ribcage debt etc. all should be correct. However, for the production sketch of the cow model I did some modifications using the Sassenberg cow as example, to find something intermediary that might be more representative of an average female aurochs. 
All rights reserved; please contact me if you want to use it.
All rights reserved, please contact me if you want to use it.
I do not only make these models in order to accurately reconstruct the aurochs' appearance, but also to do volumetric calculations of the weight of aurochs of both sexes, since estimations of the aurochs' mass differ between 700 and 1000 kg and usually are bull-based. 
I will keep you on track with the progress of the models. 

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